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Thursday, May 3, 2018

One Room Challenge {W5}: Adding Shelves, Lighting, & Decor

Holy cow batman, the third trimester just hit me a like choo choo train.  Not just a train, a choo choo train.  #momofa2yrold I really do feel decent for most of the day, but after 5pm I am just done.  I had an ultrasound this week and everything was looking good!  Brother was measuring about a week ahead of schedule which makes since because my belly everything feels huge.  :)  

We didn't have a chance to get a lot done week five, because we were in Texas for a wedding.  We will see if we can pull this thing out in the final week!  If you want to see my other weekly recaps they are here: One, Two, Three, and Four!  Before I get started... I took these pictures on the dreariest rainy day and they turned out so grainy... I was going to retake them but then we did some more work in the laundry room.  Yatta yatta yatta.  Grace, please? 

Alright, enough talk.  Here is some of our progress! 




We DIYed this shelf from 2 x 4s and hooks from the Home Depot.  Our room didn't have a good place for a hanging rod so we used hooks instead.  I found these brackets in our outdoor shed and spray painted them with Oil Rubbed Bronze.  The wall sconce is from Amazon {this one} and was only $22!  Since this room is so dark and there wasn't room in our budget for adding window... real life is not as fun as HGTV show... we added a mirror from Target.  It really does make the room feel brighter!  

We have also started working on the cabinetry around the washer and dryer.   We added a shelf right above the washer and dryer which makes the area seem so much more finished {and prettier}!  This is a project that anyone is capable of doing!  

We finished both shelves in Minawax Jacobean which is the same color we did our wood floors in.  We plan on painting the floor of the laundry room which will make the room look so much better!  Oh and the ceiling... we still need to finish the ceiling!  

I am most excited about the cabinet that we are hopefully building this week. It will be located right below my favorite sign!!!

Here is a budget update:

2 boxes of Spackle : $26
Particle Boards: $20
Total Cabinet Costs: $79
Paint Cost: $24
Wallpaper: $15
Engineer Print: $28
Pegboard: $19
Pegboard Decor: $23
Cabinet Extension Cost: $15
Wood for Open Shelves: $16
Hooks/Brakets: $12
Light Fixture: $24
Decor: $89
Electrical Outlets: $6

Total: $396

We are on to week SIX!  

One Room Challenge™ Guest Participants, Week 6

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