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Friday, September 21, 2012

My Style Saturday {fall hurry up}

Goodness, I am so ready for boots, scarves, and long sleeves.  This time of year the weather can be such a tease... One day the high is 78 the next it is 95.  I know I shouldn't complain, because in a couple months I will be longing for this weather.  My closet is still looking pretty close to the same, if you didn't know I am trying to wear all my clothes in one year.  I turned all my hangers backwards, and as I wear things I turn the hanger around the right way.

I hope the first outfit screams "I am going to be your child's best math teacher EVER."  Monday was parent teacher conference, and it seems to bring out my most awkward personality.  I accidentally told one group of parents I didn't have a husband {those exact words}...don't really know why that came out of my mouth. The next day my Barista must of known my week was draining me, because she got me venti instead of the grande I ordered...

Hope you have a great weekend. :)  I am about to road trip with my Daddy to Norman!!!  Boomer Sooner!  Beat K-State!


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