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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Painted {Chevron} Rug Tutorial

Do you ever buy something planning on doing special with it, but then life happens?  That is what happened with this rug...

I had seen a painted rug tutorial done on {House of Smiths}, and went straight to TJ Maxx to buy a rug.  ONE YEAR LATER I finally got around to actually painting it.  My good friend Jill inspired me to finally do this, because she painted this adorable rug:

You should get excited and make your own rug, because this tutorial so simple {and cheap}.  The supplies you will need are:

Rug {there are a bunch from Ikea that would work}
Ruler {yard stick would be best}
Painters tape
Semi Gloss Latex Paint
Paint brushes

1.  Tape the edges of your rug if you do not want them painted.

2.  Time to make the chevron!  I am going to demo this on a piece of paper, because it was too hard to demonstrate on the rug.  First, measure the width of your rug and find the middle.  Make a tick mark at the top and bottom.  

Connecting the tick marks with your yard stick mark off every 3 inches {or however thick you want them to be}.   

Depending on how many zig zag's you want, equally break up the halves {left and right side}.  I broke my halves into thirds.  Make tick marks on the top and bottom again and mark off every 3 inches.  

Keep doing this until you have even dots all over your rug {including the far edges}.

You might have to add a piece of paper on the top of your rug if you need another tick mark to make the complete chevron.  Now take your ruler and connect tick marks.  

Keep doing this until you have connected all of them {this is by far the most time consuming part but it is not bad once you get the hang of it}.  

3.  Now it is time to tape off your chevron.  I went ahead and taped everything that was not going to be painted.  This was a good thing, because paint ended up everywhere.  

4.  Prime your rug with 2 coats.  Make sure you have couple hours in between coats {you should go do a load of laundry or bake an apple pie}.  Make sure paint away from the tape, and not into it {otherwise you wont get pretty lines}.

5.  Paint your rug with the latex paint.  I did two coats.

6.  Optional.  I did not want my rug to look sharp and new.  So, I did want any woman would do, and I got out my sander.  After a few times over with the sander I was pretty darn happy.  :)  


Bout' time.  Hope your having a great week!  


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