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Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Style Saturday {school spirit edition}

My school Where I work decided to have spirit week during just my second week of doing My Style Saturday.  How dare they...Just kidding.  I only have pictures from two days, because the other were a little lack luster.  :)

Twin Tuesday!  Plaid shirts, black pants, and the best feature....SOCK BUNS {thank you Cathy}! 

Who knew math teachers were so cool??? :)

Cathy was a sock bun expert.  She fixed 6 teachers hair in under 10 minutes {if you notice the clock is 8:09...don't worry were not on contract yet}! 

Throw Back Thursday, what, what!  Yes, I still own my high school bball wind suit.  All day my kids kept asking, "Ms. Ray, you played basketball??"  I guess my constant tripping in class makes me seem nonathletic...haha

I work with awesome people.  I will be chaperoning the homecoming dance tonight... I know you are jealous.


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  1. I love your wind suit! You look fine!!! ;)


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